As a Baby Fou brand , the most important thing for us is that every person who enters your home, or is bought as a gift,
the package is painstaking , exciting .
Our biggest goal of creating our brand is to make us happy and excited as much as we are happy while creating our brand.
So we tried to design our boxes as cool as our brand .
We've made a remarkable packaging in our boxes , especially in hospitals for childbirth , on baby birthdays, along with our dessert products that you can easily order in baby showers .

Baby Fou boxes consist of three sizes , large, medium and small .Selected and carefully prepared according to the size of your order.
If you wish, you can send your note into the baby Fou greeting card.
We deliver our boxes in a flat cargo container so that they can be deformed in the cargo , so that your packages get to you without being damaged .
It is our greatest wish to improve our package for you in the coming times.…

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