As two sisters, Deniz and Merve, we have embarked on an exciting journey to create a brand of dolls, moving from the everyday needs of babies to the usual patterns and styles.
Our brand, which will be one year in March, is currently selling in eight locations other than our own online site and continues by increasing sales channels every day. Like all of us, the comfort and comfort of our babies is paramount, so to develop our fabrics and models in this direction is the first goal of our brand. Our greatest desire is to make each product we give life to smile…
Apart from us, Ahmet and Beyza, the Hidden Heroes of the Baby Fou brand, reflect their young and dynamic personalities into our magnificent patterns, and the most joyous patterns of Baby Fou come out of their hands.
Being unusual is very cool especially for babies, so we called Baby Fou the 'brand of cool babies'. We are excited every day as our family grows and we look forward to bringing babies all over the world into this excitement.

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